Items of Interest for Licensed Bail Agents:

Bail License Applicants:  All new license applicants will be issued a two-year license.  The license will expire in two years on the last day of the same month the original license was issued.  For instance, a license issued on January 15, 2011 will expire on January 31, 2013.   CDI will email renewal notices approximately 60 days prior to license expiration.  Check your license status to verify when license is due to expire and the number of continuing education required.

Effective January 1, 2013:  Bail Agent applicants are required to complete 20-hours of bail pre-licensing and pass the State exam prior to submitting their Bail Agent application to CDI.  Note: Certificates of Completion are valid for three years. Exam results are valid for one year.

Effective July 1, 2023: Fugitive Recovery Persons Act PC-1299-1299.12 enacted. Recovery agents are required to complete 20-hours of bail pre-licensing approved by CDI and 40-hours POST approved PC-832 Arrest prior to submitting BFRA application to Department of Insurance.

NEW LAWS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2023  Bills in their entirety may be obtained at   For up-to-the-minute legislative information & live hearings, visit Golden State Bail Agents Association

BRC Seminar Payment Policy:  ALL registrations must be pre-paid or guaranteed by a credit card to be considered valid. Money Orders, Cash, or Pre-Approved Bail Agency checks will be accepted at class check-in.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted at class check-in.  Students unable to attend may transfer 100% of their tuition to an alternate class date within 6 months of original class date, if request is in writing and received within 4 days of original class. If BRC is not notified of registration cancellation or transfer request, penalties may apply. Late enrollment/registrations – commencing 4 days prior to class date will be charged a $20.00 late fee. Walk-in students, regardless of payment method, will be charged an additional $50.00 and their Certificates of Completion will be mailed within 10 business days.                 

JOB OPPORTUNITIES!     Check out the JOBS section of our site for job opportunities.  If you are a company looking for well trained agents email the Bail Resource center at, We will list your job opportunities for FREE. 

Calif. Code of Regulations Title 10 (Acrobat Reader required).

Calif. Insurance Codes (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).  

Calif. Penal Codes (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Bail Law & Motions: Bail continuing education courses will include current case law and legislative updates. Lively Bail law discussion scenarios have been added to the 2023 classes.

Visit our “Bail Attorneys” section for more information regarding attorneys knowledgeable in bail law.

Didn’t Pass the CDI Bail Exam? 

Effective January 1, 2013, State Bail examination is 75 questions.  Many people have come to us complaining that the bail test is tough…REAL TOUGH! It’s true, but you can still pass with all of the advantages we have to offer. Even if you took the class with another bail education provider, we can arrange for you to audit our pre-licensing class so that you WILL pass. Our class will give you realistic practice tests, easy ways to remember the answers, test taking techniques and more. Ask around about our high percentage pass rate for the California bail exam. On a regular basis we have students who have taken the pre-licensing class from a different education provider, failed the test several times; then audit our class and pass the first time!    To audit a class visit our courses section to find a class near you. Register as a pre-licensing student but do not pay by credit card…use the fax or telephone option as payment option and write in the comment section: AUDIT. The fee to audit the pre-licensing class is $200.00 (BRC Alumni $Free).

Bail License Renewal 

Did you know that you can take your Continuing Education classes for your next license renewal anytime after July 1st? Take the class early – classes are smaller and you will enjoy a greater opportunity to discuss issues important to you and your business. Visit our course section for class dates and locations.  CDI recommends completing 6-hours annually. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your 12-hours of CE.  For more information you can call the Bail Licensing division of the California Department of Insurance at (916) 492-3035. You can pay your license renewal fee to DOI within 90 days prior to license expiration at

Comedy, Magic, Trivia and more!    

Let the competition talk but when it comes to having to do the time… why not enjoy it! We provide the latest information on the industry, new laws, tools to help your business and much more. We are dedicated to providing classes that give you the information YOU need! 

 Here’s what people are saying about BRC classes

 “The thoroughness of the materials is impressive and the emphasis on ethics, new case law, and legislation is to be commended.” California District Attorneys Association. 

 “This class is far superior to others, very interesting.” R.A. McCabe 

 “Very flexible, not rigid. Able to handle the odd request for unusual information.” L. Ahuna 

 “The class was exciting and useful. I will definitely refer BRC to friends.” B. Mandel 

 “Very informative & easy to understand. Well done!” R. Strauss 

 “Each year much is learned. Thorough learning is much appreciated. Very interesting in presentation.” M. Newman 

 “Designed well and provides useful information..will definately attend again next year.  BRC is the best…keep up the good work.” J. Rogers

“Knowledgeable and fun, worth my money and more importantly, my time.”  M. Maxwell

 “Class was informative, condensed yet very thorough.  The instructor was very knowledgeable but also made the class interesting and actually fun.  I wasn’t looking forward to 12 classroom hours, but am very happy I did!.. Great class learned a ton! Thanks for making it so fun!”  S. Callaway

 “Excellent!!!” H. Elias